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We're Back!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We open next week for Sunday services, 19th July. Usual time,11:30, but with a few adjustments made to conform to the social distancing rules in place. Everything has been done to maximise our safety and well-being. Guidance will be circulated to church members, and clear directions from when you arrive. We hope you will feel comfortable.


  • If you are displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in close contact with anyone displaying such symptoms, we ask that you do not attend.

  • Do not feel under any pressure to be present if you are uncomfortable about any aspect of attending.

  • We request that you enter by the main doors on Killaney Ave.

  • We ask you to arrive promptly to avoid a last minute build up.

  • The wearing of face masks is being left to your own discretion (Some will be provided).

  • Hand sanitising gel stations will be available at all doors and should be used upon arrival and exit.

  • There will be stewards on duty to welcome you, while maintaining social distance. They will take a note of your name.

  • Since we have removed a number of benches to facilitate social distancing, please understand that it will not be possible to sit in your usual seat.

  • You are encouraged to go straight to your seat and not to loiter in the porch. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing within the building at all times.

  • Toilets will be open. Please wash your hands and use the paper towels provided.

  • All hymns and will be up on the screen. All hymnbooks and Bibles have been removed from the pews.

  • We anticipate that there will be some live music and limited congregational singing, which is allowed within the guidelines.

  • Offering envelopes can be left in plates at doors as you leave the service.

  • You are asked to exit promptly after the service, the way you came in. Refreshments will not be provided after the service. There will be no shaking of hands on leaving the service.

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Rodney Cameron
Rodney Cameron
19 Ιουλ 2020

The video of our service of 19th July is now up on YouTube.

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